Marko Tandefelt is a New York based concept designer, musician and bass player born in Helsinki, Finland. Among his interests are: Immersive interactive multisensory cinema, experimental visualization systems, electronic musical instruments, MIDI bass controllers and synths, sensorbased prototyping, crowdsourcing and sustainable electric transportation systems. Marko has worked on pervasive computing, concept design, interactive and industrial visualization projects for companies such as NEC R&D Labs, ESIDesign and Antennadesign/NYC MTA.

Marko is currently working on New Cinema/VR related hardware/software R&D, a door patent and anti-violence technologies for women.

Marko has most recently worked at Eyebeam Art+Technology Center in New York since 2007 as the Director of Technology and Research/Senior Technology Manager, where he has been in charge of practical and conceptual implementations of technology in wider creative processes, artist’s practice and exhibitions, as well as the organization’s research approaches. Marko has also been in charge of audiovisual realization of large exhibitions such as: Source Code, Interference, ReGroup: Beyond Models of Consensus, Biorhythm, Surface Tension: Future of Water, Untethered, Tourists and Travelers, X-LAB, Feedback Ecovisualization exhibition and Postgravity Art Syntapiens to name a few (for more, see under “Exhibitions).

Among central projects at Eyebeam, Marko was involved in organizing an experimental 3 day hackathon on novel interactive multisensory immersive cinematic storytelling methods, New Cinema, together with the Creators Project/Intel/Vice Magazine. The event enabled the creation of collaborative projects between feature film directors, world’s leading creative coders, and 3D/SFX people from UK based company Framestore, behind visual effects for Harry Potter, Avatar, Children of Men and Gravity movies.

Prior to Eyebeam, he worked at the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York as an AV & Media Producer in a large scale touring international exhibition Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future, as a Project Director and Curator of “SAUMA: Design As Cultural Interface” and “F2F: New Media Art from Finland” exhibitions. Since 2001, he has taught Masters level Physical Computing and Thesis Studio courses at Parsons The New School for Design MFA Design Technology program. His students have won numerous leading international design/media and art awards, such as Ars Electronica Golden Nica, Red Dot, IF, AIGA, Adobe Web Design, Golden Web, Cologne Design Award, Nokia Mindtrek, Good Design Award, and Future Everything Award, to name a few.

Marko holds a B.M. degree Summa Cum Laude in Music Technology from NYU, and a Master’s degree from NYU Tisch School of the Arts Film & TV School Interactive Telecommunications Program ITP. He is a longtime member of ACM, AES, IEEESIGGRAPH, SMPTE and SPIE, and a lifetime member of Pi Kappa Lambda, National Music Honor Society.

Marko is very passionate about electronic music and plays 5 string MIDI synth bass controllers, software synths and Moog Taurus III bass synth in electronic music projects in NYC. He has worked and recorded in NYC based recording studios, including Kraftwerk/Depeche Mode engineer  / DJ Francois Kevorkian’s Axis. Latest band he has been playing synth bass in is Varick.


Latest: Spring 2016

  • I have been consulting on tech/concept design on a very interesting 3D Body scanning/Autorigging art installation in Helsinki for a Finnish artist Hanna Haaslahti of Fantomatico, and have been freelancing, doing working on IT related matters for Blue Telescope
  • My Masters Thesis Studio II class will be showing their work at the Parsons MFADT final show, an amazing group of people, great projects. Come and see the BETWEEN SPACES exhibition at Parsons on 17th-21st of May, 2016, 6 East 16th Street, near Union Square.
  • I finished a first prototype of a UHD (3840×2160) headmount VR/3D display, with custom optics, heavily hacking existing hardware and software. Becoming interesting, a clear first promise of a true cinematic quality HMD being possible (beating Oculus, Valve HTC Vive and Sony 3.2-6.4 times. I will be working with a few Finnish parties in Helsinki on further prototyping, in small steady steps.


Fall 2015

  • I am working on a sensor based door patent, teaching a Major Studio 1 class at Parsons School of Design, MFADT Design & Technology program. An amazing crowd, great new students, initial projects and energy.
  • Additionally, working on a cinema related R&D project, relating to headmount display prototyping.



  • After 8 years at Eyebeam, I have left the organization (I love the place and its promise) and am pursuing my burning interests on shaping the future of cinema related R&D, majorly excited.
  • Working also on a high resolution headmount display for cinema R&D, immersive multisensory cinema with my Finnish industrial designer friend, and a few other key colleagues.
  • Consulting on a solar power charging project for a Finnish company, anti-violence project in Asia and working on a sensor patent. Heading soon to Helsinki to meet my family.



  • About to participate in a hackathon on Spike Jonze movie “Her”, consulted a bit on it for Microsoft. A resonant subject matter, especially as the movie, to me personally, is not centrally about technology or “Singularity”, but about human belonging, presence, feelings, love, relationships and mindfulness, among many other things, our relationship with technology naturally enabling, supporting or disabling very specific things.
  • A very talented former student of mine, Bree Rubin, created a great portrait, captured some things I love, sparks, orange, bass/musical instruments, experimentation and risk taking.




  • My Parsons MFADT students graduated, among one of the best thesis exhibitions during my teaching at Parsons. The MFADT thesis exhibition site, my students thesis projects are here.
  • About to fly to Helsinki, Finland and my family’s reindeer ranch house in the north, very happy
  • We setup an amazing installation at Eyebeam, by great Finnish video artist Lauri Astala, “On Dissappearance“, as well as Video Dumbo exhibition, curated by Caspar Stracke and Gabriela Monroy
  • Legendary Monkeytown restaurant has its 3.0 version at Eyebeam, great video art and food by leading gourmet chefs.
  • About to head to Helsinki for Spring break to visit my family, Parsons MFADT students working hard on their final thesis projects. Very much looking forward to a key Eyebeam event, FatLab, which gathers key creative coders/artists/designers from all over the world back to Eyebeam!
  • Been filing FEMA grants, and new project grants for Eyebeam, hard work, but very excited.
  • Working on bass playing, electronic music, equally excited.
  • My Mother just won the Finnish Lifetime Oscar, “Concrete Jussi” Statue for best supporting actress in the film Purge in which she was acting as the main characters older self. Way to go Mom !!!
  • My mother is acting the lead in movie “Purge”, based on Sofi Oksanen’s widely translated novel, was in Cannes and Busan Film festival in 2012, and… became Finland’s entry to Best Foreign Film OSCARs in 2013! It is sold by Nordisk Film which distributes Lars Von Trier among others. The film is quite grueling and violent, but justified, dealing with a rarely touched subject. It has been hailed by critics and audiences. Purge’s director Antti Jokinen is a great sensitive director, on a career upswing moving towards larger and larger epic productions. Link to Nordisk Film’s trailer here: PURGE. Link to a Youtube trailer with English tiles here PURGE. I have to say.. Way to go, Mom and Finland!!!
  • Spending well deserved time off after Sandy recovery (dealing with damage caused by 3.5ft of water at Eyebeam) with family in Helsinki, Finland, ready for new challenges.



  • I got promoted to the position of Director of Technology and Research at Eyebeam Art+Technology Center, very excited and working hard for Eyebeam’s future, infrastructure grants and large new exhibition, hackathon and collaboration projects.
  • 20 years from the death of Miles Davis.. I was lucky to see him 4 times, three times in Helsinki, once in Paris.. maybe the best concert I have ever seen, along with Peter Gabriel. Check out blog and find out what he said to Nancy Reagan in White House..
  • Funny and a bit bluesy also…  I located an old email I have sent to Steve Jobs at NEXT in 1997, congratulating him on his return to Apple, as well as sending him specific, possibly a bit idealistic/naive feature requests related to.. future laptop products… the features became more or less a reality, except autostereo 3D screens, which are only now finally becoming usable in sufficient resolution. I have a strong hunch that Apple is working towards something quite radical, in area of screen/camera/gesture detection, considering all the Apple patents I have seen.


From: (Marko Tandefelt)

Subject: future Cc: Bcc: X-Attachments:

From: Marko A. Tandefelt

157-159 East 32nd Street, Apt 10A

New York, NY 10016 212-779-0381


NYC 1/10/97

Dear Mr. Jobs,

I am a loyal Mac user. My name is Marko Tandefelt. I am delighted to notice that you are back, bringing the spark where it belongs. Anyway,

I think that Apple should, once more, stretch the limits between portable objects/desktops and design a real High-End (a relative term) PRO PowerBook for multimedia, music and video production with:

– Next level in display technology and Aesthetics: Display should be: larger TFT LCD 13-14″ 16:9 & 2:1 HDTV ratios should be considered (Sharp is going to the right direction with their Widenotebook)

– A new 3D-LCD TFT from Sharp or Sanyo: a lenticular stereoscopic 3D-LCD screen with a new fully 3D desktop, not just regular pseudo 3D/2D! This is the main issue which will differentiate Apple from all the rest in the near future.

– DVD w/ Dolby AC3 surround sound, MPEG II, – built-in miniature color camera for conferencing, (Samsung, etc) – A Zip, optional Jaz (drive detachable, usable in other computers) Impossible? no!, nothing is. Apple has to be No. 1, not just to get “back” into business with products like the Powerbook 1400 “Epic” and the Powerbook 3400 “Hooper”.

People will pay extra for real quality, personality, uniqueness, real futuristic design, values, sturdyness, materials (METALS, carbon fibre etc.) and the leading edge performance.


Marko Tandefelt


Sound Designer

Midibass Musician

GA, NYU ITP Interactive Telecommunications Program”



  • Back from Helsinki, brand new ICSID Design Capital of the World, nice christmas and new year there with family.
  • In the middle of Eyebeam Residency and Fellowship application process, about to start teaching Parsons MFADT Spring 2012 Thesis Studio, full class, rehearsing with my band, about to go for first gigs (super excited!).
  •  Finished a sustainability/transportation related book proposal as a Production Editor/Concept Developer/translator with the Finnish eCars Now! team.

  • Back from my family’s reindeer ranch in Finnish Lapland/Inari (no electricity, no running water).


  • Finished AV consultation for a Finnish Video/Photography exhibition BODIES, BORDERS, CROSSINGS at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s 110 Space in Governor’s Island, exhibition was open until end of July.


  • Installation of a large scale sonic arts exhibition BIORHYTHM together with the great people from Science Gallery Dublin. Exhibition has received great coverage in New York Media/Press/blogs and TV. Links to TV reports here: NBCNEWS,  ABCNEWS, NY1 NEWS ADAM BALKIN and REUTERS.

  • With Stefani Bardin at Eyebeam: M2A tm: The Fantastic Voyage, immersive installation and scientific protocol repurposing wireless gastroenterology devices



  • Masters Thesis Studio II at Parsons the New School for Design / School of Art, Media & Technology / Design & Technology Program
  • Development on refrigerator door related invention